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It’s Almost October

It's Almost October

My English teacher wasn’t kidding when he said that I was a glutton for punishment this semester.  A total of 18 contact hours per week is kicking my butt.  Well, it’s all for the greater good of learning, correct? So now as I struggle with trying to repair a broken upright freezer (and replacing the […]

Post First Project Entry

Post First Project Entry

Well, the first project for my Computer Imaging course has been submitted for grading.  I guess I will be finding out next week what the instructor thinks of my artwork, but until then I have other things to do. The next project will be a self-portrait.  As I’ve done three self-portraits in the past twelve months, […]

Early September – Is it Finals Week Yet?

I’ve been taking classes for 3 weeks now at the University of Houston and am going into the 2nd week at Lonestar College.  This is beginning to kick my butt.  The 12 contact hours total each week at UH isn’t helping anything.  This week we’re going to be kicking things into gear in both my […]